Algapharma Biotech Corp. (subsidiary company under Far East Bio-Tec. Co. Ltd. (FEBICO)) with world-leading expertise in large-scale microalgae cultivation from Far East Microalgae Co, Ltd, holds the core technology in bulk protein production, purification and conjugation. Our team is recognized globally as a specialty manufacturer and supplier of Phycobiliproteins and Streptavidin Conjugates by world-renowned biotechnology and clinical diagnostic companies and we also provide a wide range of Recombinant Proteins for research in cell biology and other functional bioassays.  Business-to-business customers from the United States and Europe account for 90% of Algapharma's market.  In addition to the Flogen product line, we provide the ODM and OEM service to meet specific demands of our customers.  

To serve our leading clients in various diagnostic specialties around the world, Algapharma's knowledgeable, professional, and experienced team is always ready to provide high-quality and timely technical support.  The unmatchable competency in delivering high-quality products and services to meet application/production specifications of customers from all five continents is what truly makes Algapharma stand out from its competitors. To seek 100% customer satisfaction, Algapharma is committed to delivering a rich portfolio of industry-acclaimed, high-performance, and price-competitive products and services. 

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Largest Microalgae supplier in Asia 

The Leader of Microalgal Bio-Technology