Recombinant Protein - Streptavidin
Streptavidin is a homotetrameric protein that can bind up to 4 molecules of biotin with high affinity.
Core streptavidin removes the unrelated sequences and retain its core sequence for better stability and solubility.
Core streptavidin-2 has weaker affinity with biotin (Kd≈10-7M) and allows recycles of cSA-2.
Core streptavidin-4 allows 2 to 4 binding ratio of biotin, allows more stable binding for research and diagnostic purpose.
Cat. No. Product TDS COA MSDS
A05S Streptavidin (r-SA)
A09S Core Streptavidin (r-cSA)
A12S Minimum Streptavidin
A18S Core Streptavidin 2 (r-cSA2)
A36S Core Streptavidin 4 (r-cSA4)
LcSA Lyophilized core Streptavidin