Service - Phycobiliprotein Conjugation
Phycobiliprotein is a water soluble and highly fluorescent probe. It has intense long-wavelength excitation and emission to yield interference free fluorescence from other biological materials. It also has relatively large stokes shifts with high emission quantum yields and stable fluorescence. The multiple sites allow stable conjugation to many biological and synthetic materials.
Phycobiliproteins are widely used in applications such as Fluorescence-activated cell sorting, microscopy, flow cytometry, gene chip analysis, high-throughput screening, and FRET assays; therefore, the best choice for conjugation with your antibodies or other bioactive molecules to study their intermolecular interaction and mechanism. If you have the need as above or you already have your own antibodies and want to conjugate it with phycobiliproteins for mass analysis. Flogen is here to provide our professional conjugation service to you.

        The phycobiliproteins extracted from the premium self-cultivated algae allow Flogen to better control quality, speed, and cost for our customers. Flogen has been successfully OEM/ODM Phycobiliprotein conjugates for many customers in the IVD market. The conjugation technique, expertise and experience from working with many renowned biotech companies, certainly make us your most ideal business partner.